Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspiration in the workplace

Hey all, Playa Lit here.

This past week our agency had a training for our office managers. We have offices scattered across SE Oklahoma and each one has an office manager. We don't spend enough time making sure that these ladies are given attention, so once a year we have a training. They get to come together, have questions answered and feel like they have a place and a voice in their own workplace. My piece of this puzzle each year is one of reminding them that we all have "tools in our toolbox" to get through our days.

The first year we did this I worked on taking a literal breath when the frustration sets in. Stretching and moving when we've been sitting in front of our brain sucking computer screens for 6 hours straight. Creativity in their office. Yes, people, being a clerical person can be creative. This year, I took 5 minutes to show them my new visual "tool" that I have been using for 3 months and will use until August. My golden ticket! I have framed my Burning Man ticket and given it a shelf in my office. Every day when I'm dragging I take a peek at it and remind myself that this is my reward. I like to also think it reminds those I work with that I WILL be going on a legit vakay.

What I told the ladies is that they too can find something to put up in their office that is all about themselves. Not just pictures of family or other responsibilities. What is their escape that their paycheck will fuel?

Burning Man as a workplace inspiration. Rawk on.

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