Monday, April 26, 2010

All your dreams will come true, it can happen to you, if you're young at heart....

A born again virgin, yes I am. I've got many tags in computer land. I go by Marcia, Mara, Ecstaticlght, sometimes Miss Light, but right here, right now, I'm Playa Lit. For those that like labels to help themselves wrap their minds around "who" a person is, I'm 49, single, mom, grandmom, Pagan, musician, administrator (in the mundane world) and experiencing that piece of a lifetime where youth seems to rear up one last time and gives us a chance to get out and play. Hard.

I looked up when it was I first started reading about Burning Man and realized I've been waiting 14 years to have my turn. FOURTEEN years. I had been reading Free Will Astrology and followed a link to Burning Man. At that time in my life I was re-discovering my inner Pagan and was all about Beltaine, when I found the article. I determined right then, that I was going to get to see this "man" burn. It was like reading about a dream. Desert sand, giant art, freedom to be whomever you wanted to be, spirituality, and at the end was a giant fire ritual straight out of my Celtic desires.

I've spent years whining when I heard that friends were going to the Playa and I had yet to go. None of them were local. I needed someone local to go with. It wasn't an experience I wanted to attempt on my own, considering the travel distance and lack of knowledge about what to expect on the road or on the Playa. Two years ago, I attended a concert and listened to a song that sent me off into a lovely place. Tears came and then something inside said, "make a wish". I cupped my hands and breathed life into my wish. I was surprised and delighted to find my true wish was to go to Burning Man, so up I sent it like a bird. A chill ran through me and the tears came again. It was real. It was manifest. It was what was in my heart. Now, here I am, after finding an old high school friend that has been as revved to go to the Burn as I have been. Think of the odds that in Oklahoma, where most people have no clue what Burning Man is, that just before a 30th reunion I'd find a high school classmate that just happened to be a Burner in the making? Wishes come true, if they come from inside and from your truth.

Believe it or not, but I've never taken a vacation. Not a family visit, not off for a weekend of training or class, but a real vacation. This is it. Work will be far away. Life will be what it is. My inner Self will meet my outer Self. The two will align and I will find a piece of myself that is whole, happy and joyful for 7 days in a burning desert, in a temporary city with people I've never met before.

What is Burning Man? Life.

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