Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dust dreamin'

The amount of sheer determination and Will power it takes on any given day to not spend hours during work, randomly looking up pictures and video clips of Burning Man is astounding.

I find as I do stroll through the pictures and clips that I'm not only looking at what sights I can look forward to beholding, but that I am now learning. I'm learning what camps there are and what they will resemble. What tents tend to blow away and where the best shade is. Yesterday, I saw what the road into Black Rock looks like as the people in the cars sit patiently waiting their turn to head down the driveway into "home". Today I enjoyed looking at pictures of the camp I'm going to volunteer for and learned how they post the sign up sheets for the jobs every day. I find myself noticing the footwear (Playa dust is highly alkaline, so care of feet is a huge topic), water bags/packs/bottles/belts, headgear (head rags, hats, helmets, to braid or not to braid), goggles (I really would love to talk to a veteran Burner that wears glasses to see what the tricks are to wearing any eye covering) and the list goes on and on.....

These pictures into this world are not just snapshots, but windows for the newbies.

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